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Ancure-Anti Piles Capsule

Product Description

  • Indications:

    NON SURGICAL TREATMENT FOR BLEEDING PILES Medical Management of internal & external hemorrhoids (Piles). Prevention of recurrence of piles following surgical removal. Ancure improves blood circulation, reduces hemorrhoidal congestion, Shrinks pile mass, Controls bleeding & Relieves anti-rectal pruritus. Ancure also exerts a laxative action

  • Dosage:

    2 Capsule twice for 2 days. 1 Capsule in the morning & 2 capsules at bed time for 2 weeks. Followed by 1 capsule twice a day with water. IN complicated cases course can be repeated without an harm.

  • Presentation:

    30,100,500,1000 capsules in plastic container & 10x10 Blister Pack.