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Pharmaceutical Third Party Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Products

    Consumption of ayurvedic herbal medicine is at an all-time high which is quite right given the efficiency of natural medicines. For the past two decades, we have gained invaluable experience in extracting the richness of herbal medicines and making its reach nationwide. With our pcd franchise structure, we are availing new opportunities to pharmaceutical firms to gain exposure in the market and understand the need of the public. We have diverse product list including ayurvedic herbal syrup, drops, capsules etc. and an exciting and flexible pcd franchise framework for new partners. We incorporate complete freedom to our partners and encourage goodwill to go with the pcd franchise.

Contract Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Products

    With our experience and an organised team, we are availing contract manufacturing of ayurvedic herbal products in Punjab and India. Herbal products have seen a great rise in the past years due to amazing nutritional values and aid to the body. Our products have shown results time and again due to the quality we maintain day in and out. The same plan is devised for contract manufacturing as quality assurance is the primary aspect of any health related product. We have flexible process to incorporate manufacturing of new products which goes precisely according to the contract. We cover all the bases such as ayurvedic herbal oil, syrup, drops, and capsules etc. which enable healthy treatment. Hence, contract manufacturing becomes our forte given the fact that we want to expand utility of herbal products.

Litefeel Powder
  • Medicine for constipation & indigestion, made from natural herbs
Taj Manjan Powder
  • Reduces sensitivity and Increases gingival resistance against infections