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Contract Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Products

    With our experience and an organised team, we are availing contract manufacturing of ayurvedic herbal products in Punjab and India. Herbal products have seen a great rise in the past years due to amazing nutritional values and aid to the body. Our products have shown results time and again due to the quality we maintain day in and out. The same plan is devised for contract manufacturing as quality assurance is the primary aspect of any health related product. We have flexible process to incorporate manufacturing of new products which goes precisely according to the contract. We cover all the bases such as ayurvedic herbal oil, syrup, drops, and capsules etc. which enable healthy treatment. Hence, contract manufacturing becomes our forte given the fact that we want to expand utility of herbal products.

Top Herbal Products Manufacturers

    Our experience in bringing the best quality of herbal medicines since past two decades have put us as the top ayurvedic company across Punjab and India. Our motto has always been to serve people the best possible herbal medicines. These medicines provide a natural treatment causing no side effects to the body. Our expertise in blending different herbs to make disease specific products have certainly put us as top ayurvedic company and probably the most sought after herbal health product manufacturer. Our team is growing and the quality of our products are achieving new heights in effectiveness for people.

Highest Rated Ayurvedic Products

    When it comes to ayurvedic medicines, ensuring quality is a must as certain ill components of the society look to feed off profit using illicit products. Our method is simple as we acquire India’s most difficult certifications for health products which in result makes us the highest rated ayurvedic product manufacturers in the country. We have a fine team from top institutions of the country making sure that each phase of quality testing is up to the mark. We have a policy of 100% purity in our products. Getting the highest rated ayurvedic product manufacturer status is not easy and our team work day in and out to ensure that we are always in the top of our game.

Oz Plus Premium Capsule - An Ideal Dietary Herbal Supplement

    Solution to problems such as night fall, erectile dysfunction, anxiety etc. are hard to come by in this fast pacing world. However, herbal medicines provide relief from such issues and helps in a healthier living style. Oz Plus Premium Capsule strengths the nerve cells around the body to rejuvenate them in fighting against foreign bodies. Its ayurvedic richness acts as a tonic to stimulate natural body functions. Also, it cures loss of libido, ageing weaknesses, physical and mental fatigue. Its regular usage shows no side effects. The capsule shows best result when taken at bed time with hot milk.

Enliv Capsule - A Unique Liver Stimulant

    Cure of liver related diseases is as painful as the symptoms itself as it comes with multiple complications. In the age of mechanised use of drugs, ayurvedic medicine is a rarity especially when it can ease out liver related problems. Enliv Capsule, an herbal product, fights against chronic liver disorders, fatty degeneration and constipation. Its natural richness is useful during jaundice as it rejuvenate cells and make them active. Also, it protects liver from future problems such as hepatitis. The capsule stimulates the overall functioning of liver. It shows long lasting effect when taken daily twice with water.

Leuco Capsule - 100% Efficient Secretion Checker

    Nutrients are necessary for body function as well as to fight diseases. Iron, zinc, calcium etc. are very important, and it comes as a relief if these are obtained from natural medicines instead of high doses of drugs. Leuco Capsule aides in maintaining a check on the minerals required by the body. This helps in fighting against diseases like urinary tract infection, leucorrhoea, infertility and many other health issues related to a woman’s body. The herbal extracts nourish the cells and make them pro-active. One can achieve great results with a consumption of one capsule twice a day with water.

Zymin Syrup - A Unique Appetizer and Digestive

    People all over the world have been upset due to problems related to indigestion, constipation, epigastric distress etc. as these irritates the daily routine of a person. However, its solution has never been simpler with the advent of ayurvedic herbal medicines to cure such stomach related problems. Zymin Syrup, a herbal product, cures general digestive disturbances with release of adequate amount of fluids to support indigestion. It maintains pH of stomach and helps to create a faster metabolism. It does not compromise on the natural ability of body to cope up with problems and works well for all age groups.

X-Energy Syrup - A Unique Energy Restorative

    Fatigue and loss of energy are growing problems which are getting more and more difficult to deal with. There is a requirement of herbal product which can fight against general debility, stress and exhaustion on a daily basis. X-Energy Syrup, a product made from ayurvedic herbal medicines is an effective medicine to make the body pro-active. Its natural ingredients fuses energy in the cellular structure of the muscles making them rejuvenate and full of energy. X-Energy Syrup work on the richness of natural herbs with no side effects providing for the requirement of a natural tonic for the body.

Ontrak Pain Oil - Useful in Joint Pain, Sciatica and Arthritis Pain

    Old age comes with many health problems and pain in joints is the most feared one. Its treatment has become easy with the use of ayurvedic herbal oil which reduces inflammation around the joints and make the cells active. The recreational attributes of Ontrak Pain Oil results in relief from backache, sprains, ankle twists etc. It should be applied around the swelling and with a very light hand. Daily massages will strengthen the muscles around the pain areas and will also activate cells for better body movement. Its regular use does not bring any sort of side effects on the body.

Hair Vital Oil - Herbal Oil Products Manufacturers

    Hair fall and dandruff are the eternal enemies of humans. With the advancement of ayruvedic herbal science, hair fall and dandruff are now treatable with no side effects. The richness of herbs used in Hair Vital Oil nourishes the scalp and makes the roots of the hair stronger and the ends smoother. It stimulates longer, thicker and healthier hair. A daily massage of Hair Vital Oil will reduce dandruff and provide for an overall cleansing of the scalp killing of any growth of microorganisms around the hair. For an everlasting effect, it should be applied twice daily.

Herbal Products Manufacturers

    Herbal products are the need of the hour. Its requirement and scope for growth as a market is growing day by day. We are providing a unique platform as manufacturers of herbal products in Ludhiana, Punjab. We offer a great deal for pharmaceutical distributers and partners, creating a brand value. Our herbal products have suited people of all age group alike.

Litefeel Powder
  • Medicine for constipation & indigestion, made from natural herbs
Taj Manjan Powder
  • Reduces sensitivity and Increases gingival resistance against infections