Neem Karela Jamun Juice Helps to Control Blood Sugar

Neem Karela Jamun Juice is a ayurvedic product which is a boon for diabetic patients as it helps regulate blood sugar level. It eases metabolism of the body with phytonutrients like dietary fibre, minerals and vitamins. This Juice has anti-oxidant properties and prevents excess sugar absorption. Diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular pain etc. can be controlled with regular usage of this ayurvedic juice. It also detoxifies the blood. It is very low in calories and high in dietary fiber. Karela acts as a natural ingredient to improve blood glucose levels. Jamun helps in controlling blood sugar by stimulating the pancreas. It purifies the blood and acts as an antioxidant.

Directions For Use:

Add 10-20ml (1-2 tablespoons) juice with a cup of water (100ml- 150ml) and drink twice a day or as directed by physician.

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