Ayurvedic herbal products are gaining popularity throughout the world which is rightly so given its immense nutritional values, providing resistance to body and enhancing natural ability of the body. Our firm has been practising the art of coalescing ayurvedic knowledge with that of scientific technology to come up with specialized products such as herbal oil, syrup, capsule which take care of the entire functions of the body. We are including pcd franchise in our domain so that the reach of herbal medicine is increased across the nation. Our terms and conditions are pretty simple and flexible and encourages pharmaceutical firms to avail this opportunity of pcd franchise.
Enliv Capsule - A Unique Liver Stimulant Cure of liver related diseases is as painful as the symptoms itself as it comes with multiple complications. In the age of mechanised use of drugs, ayurvedic medicine is a rarity especially when it can ease out liver related problems. Enliv Capsule, an herbal product, fights against chronic liver disorders, fatty degeneration and constipation. Its natural richness is useful during jaundice as it rejuvenate cells and make them active. Also, it protects liver from future problems such as hepatitis. The capsule stimulates the overall functioning of liver. It shows long lasting effect when taken daily twice with water.
Oz Plus Premium Capsule - An Ideal Dietary Herbal Supplement Solution to problems such as night fall, erectile dysfunction, anxiety etc. are hard to come by in this fast pacing world. However, herbal medicines provide relief from such issues and helps in a healthier living style. Oz Plus Premium Capsule strengths the nerve cells around the body to rejuvenate them in fighting against foreign bodies. Its ayurvedic richness acts as a tonic to stimulate natural body functions. Also, it cures loss of libido, ageing weaknesses, physical and mental fatigue. Its regular usage shows no side effects. The capsule shows best result when taken at bed time with hot milk.
It’s a fact that normal life expectancy has been growing thankfully to the advancement of natural scientific medicines. However, it should also be noted that every year people are susceptible to get new diseases due to pollution, food habits and work stress. This calls for an advancement in immune system for which our company has devised an ayurvedic herbal medicine called as Noni capsule. The capsule is a blend of herbs from the Himalayas providing essential nutrients to the immune system. Noni capsules take care of the immune system and provides a protective shield. It makes sure that the body is able to enhance its natural immunity which is vital in the long run. Its antioxidant properties work as supplements for various organs of the body. It calls for a simple following procedure of one capsule twice a day with warm water.